Another World

Another World

Let’s run shoulder to shoulder

Our cadenced rhythm together.

Ocean waves become our pace

Moving us forward, gracefully along.

Seagulls squawk for us to fly

We are steady as she goes,

Steady as she goes.

Beads of sweat drip from our brow

Lapped over time at the water’s edge.

The salty wind is at our face

Beautifully weathering our kindred souls.

We step up our pace

Foot for foot

Breath for breath

I stand for you

And you for me.

Now What?

Now What?

Hear me,

Hear me.

I wail for you.

My heart is broken,

My love pieces fall in slow motion

I see every sliver,

I see every color.

Slowly they fall,

The pieces of my heart.

I hear them land.

Fractured by anger

On empty words wet with tears.

You hurt,

I hurt,

Now what?