Fear of the “Enter” Button?

Give me a freaken’ break! I have a hard enough time reading as it is. I’m getting ancient and require reader glasses. Sentences easily blend together that didn’t some years back when my eyeballs had good vision. Now, these annoying things perch upon my nostrils and don’t even solve everything. Great…

If you want me to read what you took the time to write, please learn how to use paragraphs. I don’t have the patience to read your run on, garbled word splat. Not only do I not read what you took time to write, I curse you to boot.

Don’t know how? My goodness, you have the World Wide Web in front of you…use it!! A good rule of thumb is, if you were reading aloud, anytime you take a good sized, deep breath it’s time to start a new paragraph – this is a general rule of thumb, not a hard and fast rule.

But, for the love of all that’s good and wonderful, stop it with the run on paragraphs…please?