I have lost weight!

On Zyprexa, I gained as much weight in 10 months as I did in the 12 years before it.

How much? Approximately 40 pounds. But, I have lost 45 pounds! I have lost 45 freaking pounds!!! Not easy to do, but certainly getting off Zyprexa helped. Did you hear me? 45 lbs!

I want some acknowledgment but no one says anything. I see them eye-ing me up and down but they don’t say anything. Boo-hiss, I guess I’ll have to prod them and hope they don’t think I’m a Narcissistic asshole.

Wow, yay for me 45 pounds!

I haven’t gotten any support from PC either. I’ve put it in a couple of places but nothing. That has hurt my sensitive feelings. This is big stuff, 45 pounds is a lot of weight. Especially for a medium bone woman who is 5 foot tall. I was very heavy. I have another 35 to go. More than half way there! I’m so proud of me!