I have lost weight!

On Zyprexa, I gained as much weight in 10 months as I did in the 12 years before it.

How much? Approximately 40 pounds. But, I have lost 45 pounds! I have lost 45 freaking pounds!!! Not easy to do, but certainly getting off Zyprexa helped. Did you hear me? 45 lbs!

I want some acknowledgment but no one says anything. I see them eye-ing me up and down but they don’t say anything. Boo-hiss, I guess I’ll have to prod them and hope they don’t think I’m a Narcissistic asshole.

Wow, yay for me 45 pounds!

I haven’t gotten any support from PC either. I’ve put it in a couple of places but nothing. That has hurt my sensitive feelings. This is big stuff, 45 pounds is a lot of weight. Especially for a medium bone woman who is 5 foot tall. I was very heavy. I have another 35 to go. More than half way there! I’m so proud of me!


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  1. March 19th, 2012 | 3:36 pm

    AWESOME….WTG…..I was on Zyprexa some time ago and I gained 100 pounds myself. I was 240 pounds. Me being a very skinny male I like the weight, at first. Being very sensitive, people would just make those comments to make you feel very self-conscious. Anyway, I ended up in the ER almost caught a heart attack. Went straight into surgery. Pericarditis was what I ended up with. So, today I’m a lot healthier. Diet, exercise, and getting off Zyprexa. So, congrats on your weight lose. WTG. Keep up the good work. Its harder for women to lose weight, I heard, so thumbs up, Neurontin

  2. Roadie
    May 6th, 2012 | 9:04 am

    Being short, I know the effort it takes to lose that much weight. Doing it without support or acknowledgment really sucks! I’m so sorry I wasn’t more aware of what you were doing. I didn’t pick up till the very end.

    Major kudos. The worst part I’d guess would be that the meds were part of what was driving the weight gain. Vicious circles are hateful & so hard to get off.

    I am so proud of what you’re continuing to do. For me it doesn’t really get easier until I get down to my “best” weight. That’s such a relief that it’s usually pretty easy to stay there. But I don’t have the med problem. I hope you’re free of that now.

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